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The Utility & Transactional Token

CSMX is the utility and transactional token within the consentium ecosystem. It has an upgraded smart contract over its predecessor. CSMX has an equitable distribution to token holders and active users within the Consentium economy. In the future, CSMX will be the standard for Consentium and will be the token for the future Blockchain infrastructure.

The Blockchain

CSM is the upgraded Consentium blockchain that has been developed to have new functions like a node system to improve the process and speed of transaction confirmations, to allow users to stake their tokens for rewards and also the ability for token supply to be burned in accordance to the circulation and usage of Consentium tokens in the ever growing ecosystem. This is in line with the release of our new and improved Consentium chat app. Existing ERC20 Consentium holders will be able to swap their tokens on Digifinex starting July 2020.

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Consentium is a
multi-feature Chat App

The chat feature allows users to regularly communicate with each other, create groups, join channels, send photos, files, audio messages, and even crypto transfers. Texts and recorded audios can be sent as normal messages or be set to self-destruct within seconds, allowing for enhanced privacy settings.

The crypto wallet offers digital transfers (CSM, BTC, and ETH) in a few simple steps. In addition to a secure and easy-to-use app, our innovative Community Monetization Model (CCM) algorithm rewards everyone for transacting and cultivating strong in-app groups.

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Consentium Crypto Wallet

Protecting your virtual wealth with top-notch security and efficiency methods

The Consentium wallet offers a simple, secure, and highly encrypted wallet to send and receive multiple digital currencies. Initially, the wallet will support BTC, ETH, and our own token CSM (Consentium).

Transfers to other Consentium users can be sent directly from a chat window or just by entering the receiver’s name. To send transfers to other wallets, users can scan a barcode or enter a wallet address.

The Consentium Chat Features

Get rewarded for being a Consentium chat and wallet active user

1-to-1 Chats

Individual users can create, share and produce unique content via 1-to-1 chats with other users.

Group Chats

Entrepreneurs, Content Creators, and Tech-savvy Super Users can leverage and monetize the chat platform more effectively by reaching out to bigger communities and influencers.


Individual Users and Influencer Groups can create, share, and actively promote content to build different interest channels for both personal and business use.

Self-Destruct Messages

Share a confidential note with end-to-end encryption that will self-destruct after it is read by your intended recipient.

Staking Wallet

Dynamic Interest Rate

This translates to a dynamic interest on the rewards of your tokens staked. The interest rate is dynamic and dependent on your proportion of the total tokens staked. The interest rate is the amount of tokens generated and distributed proportionally to the tokens staked. As more tokens are staked, compared to the total tokens available, the interest rate varies. The rate is influenced to reward early stakers and to allow for a more sustainable inflation rate for a healthy ecosystem.

The dynamic interest rate follows a tiered system to reflect the token monetary policy of CSM. The tiered model is constrained between:

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This is similar to the concept of progressive income taxes. The formula shows the increase in total supply of total CSM as rewards to the tokens staked.

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The Consentium Ecosystem

csm ecosystem

The Consentium Roadmap

Last updated June 15, 2020

June 2020 CSM proprietary blockchain wallet launch
July 2020 CSM app upgrade for greater asia + token swap
August 2020 CSM app upgrade international
Q4 2020 CSM debit card upgrade
Q1 2021 CSM retail acceptance and e-commerce greater asia
Q2 2021 CSM 2.0 - new main net launch
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CSO Jeremy Khoo & Head Of Greater Asia Wayne Huang at the CSM x BLUCON Signing

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Consentium booth at Blockchain Life Singapore Conference

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Consentium CSO Jeremy Khoo with BlocBoc CEO Kenny

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Consentium team at Binance Fair

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Consentium team onstage at Blockonomi Expo

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CSO, Jeremy Khoo, speaking about Consentium

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Head Of Greater Asia, Wayne Huang, speaking at CSM x LAToken Launch Event

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Consentium Team with Roger Ver, founder of Bitcoin Cash, at Block Live Asia

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Consentium supporters at Block Live Asia

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Head Of Greater Asia, Wayne Huang, speaking at Block Live Asia

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Ngeow Jiawen and Wayne Huang with Felix Mago, Founder of DASH Thailand

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Jeremy Khoo with founders of LAToken at CSM x LAToken Launch Event

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BLUCON x Consentium MOU signing ceremony at JW Marriott Shenzhen

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Wayne Huang speaking at BLUCON x Consentium MOU signing ceremony

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